Why I am Running for Chair

It’s no secret our beloved Prince William County has been trending downwards in the past three years. A county which relative to its Northern Virginia localities was viewed as affordable is becoming more expensive, more dangerous, and the quality of life is declining.

In fact, throughout the past three years, we have seen alarming numbers including the following:

    1. Rising taxes – over $1,400 more in taxes for the average PWC family, a NEW meals tax, and a cigarette tax
    2. Skyrocketing crime – homicides are up 150% in three years and overall violent crime such as shootings, bank robberies, aggravated assault, and rape are up 12% 
    3. The prioritization of the multi-billion dollar data center industry over residents – giving big business a 60% tax break on the back of Prince William families

Under the failed leadership of the current chair, Prince William County has been quickly moving in the wrong direction.  As your next chair, I will restore common sense leadership, integrity, and a balanced approach to our Board of Supervisors.  I’m running to represent families and neighborhoods, not a tone deaf out-of-touch agenda.  I’ll strive to reduce taxes, improve our quality of life, and manage the growth of our communities in a responsible way.  

We need to restore common-sense solutions in Prince William, and I hope to earn your support come November!

– Jeanine Lawson