Prince William County has one of the highest tax rates in the entire
Commonwealth of Virginia. We need a tax policy that alleviates the burden on homeowners and broadens our tax base among residential and commercial properties. Lower taxes allow citizens to keep more of their own money and encourage economic growth.



Our county budget continues to grow every year. We need to continue to adhere to zero-based budgeting which holds government bureaucracy accountable.   We can reform the budget process, reducing so-called “carryover budgets”. These large left over funds should be carried forward to the budget process the following fiscal year.

the_newsJobs and the Economy

Creating more jobs in Prince William County will help broaden our tax base, reduce taxes on residents, and lessen commute times. Currently about two-thirds of residents work outside of the county, so we need to explore all options to grow our local job base. We can reduce BPOL (Business Professional and Occupational License) taxes on local businesses, stream line the permit process for job creators, and give our Economic Development team more tools to support existing and new businesses.



The Board of County Supervisors should prioritize transportation by spending funds on projects that will truly relieve congestion and commute times.  For example, connectivity to Dulles Airport is critical for economic growth, but the current plan of the proposed Bi-County Parkway does not connect to Dulles and will bring increased truck traffic through our major roadways.


With the largest class sizes in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia, there is clearly a problem.  The Board of County Supervisors needs to recognize their land use decisions have contributed to the over- crowded schools and classrooms.  Both boards can work together to find the best solutions for our children. Education is a core priority of county government, and we owe it to the students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers to provide the highest quality education possible.


It is important that we manage our residential growth in a manner that is responsible to current landowners and future residents. This means protecting the Rural Crescent, revising our proffer guidelines to ensure new developments are tax neutral and infrastructure needs are met in a timely manner.  We should continue to explore mixed use communities which have potential to diversify our tax base.


lightbox_3Parks and Open Space

I will be an advocate for preserving our natural resources and will work for more parks and usable open space.  With all the building that has occurred in the district, it is amazing that there are hardly any areas dedicated to parks where we can gather for events, have picnics, walk our dogs, or play catch.  There are rules that require open space, but too often these are located in undesirable locations, under power lines or in areas that are too small or narrow. I plan to help revise our policy on parks and open space and to “think outside the box” to look for opportunities for more recreation areas.

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