Jeanine has been endorsed by:

Former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli
Majority Caucus Chairman, Delegate Tim Hugo
Delegate Bob Marshall

Senator Richard Stuart

Delegate Rich Anderson
Prince William County Sheriff Glen Hill
Gainesville District Supervisor Peter Candland
Occoquan District Supervisor Mike May
Potomac District Supervisor Maureen Caddigan
PWC School Board Chairman Milt Johns
Brentsville School Board Representative Gil Trenum
Gainesville School Board Representative Alyson Satterwhite

Ken Cuccinelli, Former VA Attorney General:

I’m proud to support my good friend Jeanine Lawson. As a voter in the Brentsville District, it’ll be my honor to support Jeanine in recognition of her years of servant leadership to the people of Prince William County. She’ll stay true to her word and will always fight for the quality of life issues that we all care about. I can’t wait for Jeanine to be my representative on the Board of County Supervisors.

Gil Trenum, Brentsville District School Board Representative:

Jeanine Lawson is committed to the  success of the Brentsville District. As the Brentsville District School Board Representative I have worked with her on issues that directly impact our community. As my representative to the Safe Schools Advisory Committee Jeanine shows exemplary leadership in developing priorities and ideas to ensure a safe learning environment for our students. She brings this same level of dedication and commitment to the broad range of community issues she works on as a tireless volunteer. I heartily and enthusiastically endorse Jeanine Lawson as the next Brentsville District Supervisor.

 Shawn Brann, Piney Branch Advisory Council Chairperson, 2012-Present:

 I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeanine on many school and community issues, and I’ve always found her engaged and educated on the issues.  She would be an incredible asset on the Board of Supervisors for the residents of the Brentsville District.

George and Patti McKay, Nokesville:

 As a small business owner and farmer, I heartily endorse Jeanine Lawson for Brentsville District supervisor.  I believe Jeanine will continue to preserve the rural crescent and make smart growth land use issues. She is a staunch supporter of businesses and economic growth. She has integrity and fairness, which appeals to both Republicans and Democrats, and I’m very excited to see her as our next Supervisor.

Tammy McDannell, Nokesville Elementary (or Prince William County Schools):

 As a teacher and resident of the Brentsville District, I’m supporting Jeanine because she understands the needs of our community. She is a trusted advocate for the teachers and students and will work to reduce our crowded schools and classrooms.

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